About Us

United Realty is a privately held real estate investment and advisory firm. The firm invests in and develops real properties for its own account, joint ventures with others, provides strategic advice to clients on complex real estate transactions, and through its affiliates, sponsors and advises Real Estate Investment Trusts.

With years of experience in successful real estate investment, development, and lending, United Realty has built a reputation for calling upon its expertise to achieve results. We have demonstrated the ability to translate deep industry knowledge and continuous market tracking into successful business decisions.

United Realty is run by Jacob Frydman - a veteran real estate investor who is responsible for over $1 billion in real estate transactions, and who is supported by a seasoned team of executive real estate professionals with over 150 years of combined operating history and extensive knowledge and expertise in commercial real estate.

At United Realty we approach each opportunity with an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit, constantly striving to generate both stable cash flows and superior returns. We accomplish these goals by executing on a dual strategy of acquiring existing stabilized cash flowing assets at below their replacement costs to support stable, consistent, distributions and simultaneously acquiring opportunistic assets which we can reposition, redevelop or remarket to create value enhancement and capital appreciation.

Our team of professionals has deep knowledge and experience with a wide variety of commercial property types, including office, industrial, retail, hospitality, multifamily and age-restricted residences, and in other real estate-related assets, and on all tranches of the capital stack, as well as with respect to land-use, entitlements, development, management and construction. We make that depth of knowledge and expertise available to our affiliates, partners, and institutional, high net worth and individual clients alike.

Whether its investing for our own account, with partners, or assisting clients in achieving their goals, United Realty mobilizes the core competence of its entire team of professionals to conceive of the best strategies to achieve the goals for each project, and tirelessly execute on that strategic plan to achieve superior risk-adjusted results.